‘Til Death to Us Part


I’ve been part of at least a couple hundred discussions about marriage over the last few years.  I hear people “ooh” and “ah” when they hear couples have been married for decades – as if that’s a new thing.  It’s our recent selfish attitude and lack of commitment and respect for the holy institution and its purpose that has… Continue reading

The Pseudoscience of Psychiatry

We are admonished to be sober and of sound minds. God wants our thinking and ability to reason clear. Is that possible with the drugs that are given to us to alter our mind-frames? (Thanks to free digital photos for image)

I hadn’t planned on taking time from school to write a note, but I’ve wanted to post something about this for over a year. The videos speak for themselves, but I wanted to explain the concerns I have had and give an idea of some experiences I’ve had both working as staff Continue reading

What Does the Bible Say about That?

pencil question mark

(Popular phrases and beliefs)

I was watching TBN parade Steve Harvey on its show as if he is now the spokesman for Christians.  As I was listening to one of the celebrity interviews and trying to find some truth in what they were saying, I heard them say “The Bible says come as you are”.  I don’t remember reading that, so I looked to see if I could find it.  Sure enough, I couldn’t – and haven’t found anyone that sees it written.  That’s probably because it’s not in there.  So, I figured I’d talk about some of these phrases/events people assume are in the Bible or that have been said so often, people think they’re in the Bible.

1.      God wouldn’t want me unhappy. Continue reading

….But I Didn’t Do Anything to Anyone!


Something has crossed my mind periodically over the past couple months – the story of Lazarus. I thought about it as I listened to myself wonder why people hated me when I didn’t say or do anything to them. I read his story again today (John 11). Here was a follower of Jesus that believed on Him. He fell sick, died and was raised from the dead. As much as we talk about this story, we don’t often talk about some of the other details. I looked and realized Continue reading

Gospel Idol

gospel idol singing

(“Gospel Idol” – Where God is mentioned, but people get the praise)

While attempting to find my way to the library, I drove by a sign that said “Gospel Idol Auditions” were being held. I was immediately disgusted. For starters, why would a church want to do things as the world does? Besides never being a fan of “American Idol”, I don’t see how any Christian could think having a “gospel idol” is a good thing. Doesn’t the phrase alone seem to contradict itself? Continue reading



I make NO apologies for not consulting Black people or seeing what’s popular when I chose my faith.
I chose my God because He chose me, and not because we share the same race.
Don’t insult me by claiming I have a “slave mentality” and was forced into my religion.
“Religion” is man-made.  I have a relationship.  Last I checked, love is a decision. Continue reading