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He restoreth my soul-w

Angel Worship
Another King in Babylon Acknowledges the Lord
Are Christians Required to Tithe?
Birth Control & Embryonic Abortions
But…But…It’s PAGAN!!!
…But I Didn’t Do Anything to Anyone!
Call No Man Father- Spiritual Covering Teaching Injuring the Church
Can Christians Lose Their Salvation?
Chasing Experiences, Signs, & Wonders
Christians Are Not Commanded to Keep the Sabbath
Church Is Not for Unbelievers
Cursing Christians
Don’t Just Stand There in Your Armor! It’s Time to Fight!
Everyone Has the Opportunity to Know God
False Prophets and Teachers
Feminism – A Doctrine of Devils
Fire Baptism is NOT Meant for Christians
Friends Warn Friends about Hell
God Calls Us to Do the Impossible
Gospel Idol
Group of Sermons
Heavy on My Mind
Hell Doesn’t Cease to Exist Just Because You Don’t Believe in It
Holding Grudges
Homosexual Unions
Ice Cream Commercial
Interview: C. Austin Tucker – Gospels of the Word Truth Life Chronological Bible
Interview: Pearl Robinson – Mommy, Please Let Me Live
I Really Believe God Has a Sense of Humor
Is Jesus God? YES!

Is Psalm 12:6-7 a Promise to Preserve God’s Words Forever?
Is Water Baptism Necessary for Salvation?
I Think…I Believe…I Feel
Jehovah’s Witnesses
Jesus Only/Oneness Pentecostalism/Modalism and T. D. Jakes
Jesus Was NOT an Only Child
Just How “Tolerant” Was Jesus?
Luke 15 – Lost Coin – Some Things I Learned
Luke 15 – Lost Sheep – Some Things I Learned
Luke 15 – Lost Sons – Some Things I Learned
Marriage, Divorce, & Remarriage
Modern Tongues Movement/Why I Chose to STOP Speaking in Tongues
Not Every Church Song Is a Worship Song
Permanence of Marriage Displayed By God
Problems with Today’s Divorce and Remarriage Exception Clauses
Prosperity Gospel – Are We Supposed to Have It All Now?
Pseudoscience of Psychology
Quiz Time! (and a Timeline)
Resist the Urge to Wrestle with Words
Right Idea…Wrong Words
Seeker-Friendly Churches
Seventh Day Adventists
Shekinah Hoax
Should Christians Judge?
Silly Women in the Church/False Prophetesses
Slain in the Spirit/Kundalini Spirit
Speak the Truth
‘Til Death Do Us Part
We Are But Sheep
We Want God to Forgive Us
What Does the Bible Say about That?
What Do You Remember? The Effect
What Is the Gospel?
Why I’m Confident My Prayers Are Answered

Women Pastors/Preachers
Yes, Gospel Music Has Gone Too Far/Hidden Luciferians

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