I make NO apologies for not consulting Black people or seeing what’s popular when I chose my faith.
I chose my God because He chose me, and not because we share the same race.
Don’t insult me by claiming I have a “slave mentality” and was forced into my religion.
“Religion” is man-made.  I have a relationship.  Last I checked, love is a decision.
If you knew what it meant to truly be Christian, then you’d know it can’t be “forced”.
But I’m still being ruled and controlled ”by the man” since you have knowledge on lock, right? Of course.
I find it humorous that someone who screams “racist white people” has a racist mentality himself.
That’s hypocritical in every sense of the word.  You really should get over yourself.
“…Narrow is the way which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
You’re right! I “like totally” refuse to accept your doctrine, and I’m completely “narrow-minded“!
Clearly, it hasn’t dawned on you that I can read and understand things quite well.
I’ve read on my history and multiple others and manage to think for myself.
I’m not rejecting my salvation or refusing to accept Jesus because He didn’t raise a fist and sport dreads.
I don’t set my beliefs based on who share my shade or try to rebuild an empire that’s dead.
MY God has power, and there’s power in His name!  Whatever He wants….He gets.
You can call yourself a god until the cows come home, but you haven’t even powered your way out of debt.
I don’t change my beliefs because someone checked my spirit or tells me something I don’t wanna hear.
I’m not mixing ideas to make a hodge-podge religion so I’ll feel better and make my conscience clear.
Your house – your rules.  God’s universe – His rules.  If you create a system, then call the shots.
Trying to buck the system already in place will have consequences whether you like them or not.
I’m not entertaining anything contrary to the Word.  I don’t care how pretty it looks.
I’ve seen the snares when people try to rationalize actions.  No, thanks! I’m sticking to the Book.
I’m not “trying this” or “experimenting” with that.  Nope, not really open to what you find.
While you’re “searching for enlightenment” and the meaning of life, I’ve already got complete peace of mind.
God won’t consult my past to determine my future, so ancient history will remain in my past.
You do you, but respect my choice.  Make that recent ignorant comment your last.
“…Narrow is the way that leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”
I’m on the straight and narrow with my eyes fixed on Jesus. Yes!  I’m completely “narrow-minded”!!!

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