Interview with Pearl Robinson – Author of “Mommy, Please Let Me Live: Voice of the Unborn”

mommy let me liveOur featured writer today is Mrs. Pearl “Kingdombizzness” Robinson. If you are unfamiliar with her, you will soon understand why Kingdombizzness fits her. I first met this author in 2011 when another author (we’ll meet soon) invited me to join her group. To this day, I believe that was a genuine Divine connection. Through that group, I gained encouragement, increased my Bible study time, and met people who are my friends, supporters, and Bible instructors. There were times I would go to bed, wake up at 2am, and go straight to the group to see what had been posted. It was the first time I’d joined a Bible study group and participated longer than a month. Mrs. Pearl, affectionately called “Mama Pearl” in the group, was very inviting. It was clear that her goal is to get people to understand the Gospel of Christ and encouraged us to ask questions to learn. She seems to be a nurturer, particularly for babes in Christ. Arguments are cut short, foolishness is not seen, and false Gospels are not permitted. It took me a while to figure out why people called her “Mama” because I associated the title with another teaching, but it’s clear that she is as loving as any mother-figure and invests time to help others. She has given of her time and energy to call or be called to help people understand the Bible and God’s ways. She has comforted people through the losses of friends and families, and she’s also been an encouragement and support to a couple who recently got married.

One of the reasons I take time to give some background is because I want you to understand the heart of the woman behind the book instead of assuming this is written as a way to come down on those who have had an abortion. That’s not the point. We address a variety of issues, and our focus now is the book and its message. There is no depth from which God cannot save, but it is up to the individual to take responsibility for his/her actions.

Before I introduce her, I want you to watch this brief testimony from a former abortionist doctor. He has performed 1000+ abortions and is very familiar with the practice and the methods. Many people tend to go straight to supporting a woman’s “right to choose” what she wants to do with “her” body while forgetting or ignoring the fact that she’s doing something to her baby’s body. More than 90% of abortions are strictly for birth control and have nothing to do with the child or mother being endangered. Please watch.

Dr. Anthony Levatino’s Statement

BHS: Some of your readers are unfamiliar with you on a personal level. Would you tell us a bit about yourself and your ministry?

PR: I am a wife, mother of three sons and one daughter, and a grandmother of five. I enjoy working with children and youth because they are our future. I believe in training and teaching them about Jesus early in life. I am involved in many ministries at my church. Now for my personal ministry, I am a God-inspired writer/poet. All of my writing is to bring glory to God. I write skits, plays, poems, and books. I have three published books to date and many manuscripts that are waiting to be edited and published. When one sees my name on anything, it will be to bring attention to God and give Him the glory, praise, and honor that’s due His name. Lastly, I have a facebook group that I started in 2011. God has truly blessed it as well as the members. The name of the group is God Inspired Writers. I am always about Kingdom business.

BHS:  This book is different from your poem and lesson books. Why did you decide to write on this topic?

PR: Mommy Please Let Me Live: Voice of the Unborn is my first novel. I know abortion is a taboo topic for many people. Before I began to write the book, I did much research. Through researching back in 2005/2006, I found out that over 50 million babies had been murdered through abortion since it was made legal in 1973. This was sickening to me. Now for myself and many people today, I used to believe what the world believes: “There is no life at conception.” Therefore, I thought nothing about abortions. Actually, I thought nothing about abortion until I was faced with it by someone. It wasn’t until I got into God’s Word and found that God knew all of us even before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. He called Jeremiah to be a prophet before he was conceived. This tells me that there is life at conception because it was there even before.

BHS: What was the inspiration behind it? Was there an incident that occurred that made you decide it was time to write?

PR: This book was inspired by a true store. I worked with a young girl who became pregnant. She didn’t seem too happy about it. As weeks passed, and then months, I saw no signs of her being pregnant. I was the Christian in the workplace. I started asking questions and found out from a co-worker that she had aborted the baby. My heart dropped! I confronted her about it and was more or less told that it was none of my business. I did tell her that I wish she had spoken to me first. I don’t know if it would have saved the baby, but I would have told her what God had to say about abortions. That prompted me to write a poem. I recorded the poem on CD in 2006, made 100 copies, and sent two copies to pregnancy crisis centers in the USA. In 2007, God inspired me to write the book, and I obeyed. I wrote one version titled “The Life of An Aborted Baby.” I was told that I had some of my strong feelings in it. I went back and rewrote it. Mommy Please Let Me Live: Voice of the unborn was published in 2011.

BHS: Why are you so vocal about this topic?

PR: I am so vocal about this topic is because innocent babies are dying every day. People need to know that life does begin at conception. People also need to know that God is the giver of life, and He is the only one who has the right to take it. I will always be a voice for God when it comes to abortion. Abortion is murder no matter how we look at it.

BHS: What message(s) do you want your readers to get most or to most understand from your book?

PR: The message I want readers to get is:
 God is the giver of life, and He is the only one who has the right to take it
 I want girls and women to know that if they feel they don’t want the baby, adoption is a better option.
 I want young girls to know that they don’t have to give into the sweet talk or the abuse some boys will show toward them.
-  I also want girls to know that they can talk to their mothers if they become pregnant. Mother can and will advise them what to do.
-  I want the reader to know that there are issues and emotional problems that come with having an abortion. Once an abortion is done one, life is not the same.
-  Last, I want to reach those who may have had an abortion to let them know that if they go to God, they can ask Him to forgive them, and He will. God is loving, merciful, and just. He loves them, but He hates the sin they have committed against Him.

BHS: How can readers get more information about your writings or ministry?

PR: One can find out more about my Ministry by visiting here, through my facebook site “God Inspired Writers, or on the facebook page.

Readers are encouraged to check out the recorded poem “The Life of an Aborted Baby” below.

Book preview

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  1. This was a wonderful article. I love Mrs. Pearl. She loves God for real.

  2. I love Ms. Pearl. She has been an awesome blessing to me. She is a Christian for real.

  3. Thank you for a wonderful article with a timely message. We must declare God’s Word to the masses. Sis. Pearl does an amazing job in doing just that, not only in her novels and poems but daily in her study group. I have enjoyed and count it a blessing to have made her acquaintance and I am so very proud to call her my friend.

  4. This is wonderful from a wonderful woman of God, Mrs. Pearl. May God bless everything that you put your hands to do for him.